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BLOGYour Web Designer Is Not A SEO Firm

It’s so nice to get everything you need at the same place. We like that we can get our hair care products, medications and even some bug spray at the same place we get our groceries. It’s nice to know that we can get our homeowners insurance from the same place we can get our auto insurance from. This makes things easier in life and gives us a chance to save time and even money.

However, when it comes to digital marketing, people are constantly being fooled by this idea. The best example is what drives people crazy, their web designer. Rather than hiring a digital firm to build a website, business owners will hire individual web designers to do it. For the most part, these designers do reliable, high-quality work for a fair price. However, some of them also offer another service, SEO.

What’s wrong with this? Nothing, if the web designer has taken extensive classes on SEO, can offer monthly reporting and knows the latest trends to appease Google. Do they have experienced copywriters and the ability to research competitors in your field? Can they offer you advice on how to design your website and utilize an SEO strategy that will generate traffic and sales for years? If not, then why are they offering it?

This is the problem that drives real SEO firms crazy. People who own businesses and complain that SEO doesn’t work or that they’ve been tricked in the past. If you get a prime rib dinner from a fast food restaurant and it’s not as good as a great steak place is that the fault of the steak restaurant, the fast food place or you? The writing is on the walls when it comes to digital marketing. If the person offering you a service cannot back it up with experience, references, certificates and even different marketing options, then they are not the one for you.

Remember, a web designer can build you a fantastic new website for an affordable price. They can manage certain things and help you market your site the right way. However, when it comes to SEO, Google AdWords and other digital marketing services, you cannot expect them to just randomly do great work, even if they claim that they can. If they say they can then ask them about their certificates, monthly reporting and everything else they should have if they really are as good as they claim they are.