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BLOGWhy Your Online Reputation Is So Important

If your business has less than a 4-star rating and you feel that your digital marketing efforts are not generating results, there may be a reason behind it. Imagine someone who is your ideal customer. They have an interest in the products or services you offer. They are of the right age, make enough money, they live in the right area and have the right motivation to buy from you. That’s your perfect customer and you can utilize digital marketing services to reach them on multiple platforms including Google, Facebook, email marketing, display advertising and more.

Whatever methods you use to reach the consumer, if they are not familiar with your brand but find themselves interested in your promotion, there’s one thing that most of them will do before buying from you, check your business out on Google. They may even spend time on your site, researching different options and getting more information, but they are still headed to Google to look at your business, see who you are, how long you’ve been around, how strong your online presence is and most importantly for them, what past customers have said about you.

The good news is that you do not need a 5-star rating. In fact, consumers trust a business with 4.2-4.8 more than they do 5.0. a 4.7 feels realistic and also shows that people loved their experience with you. These search engines will also show them what other sites are saying as far as shopping with you, the quality of your products and services and so forth.

The Impact On Your Marketing

If you have a rating below 4 stars, it can literally cost you 20-40% of your conversions. Once consumers see low ratings, they lose all trust in your brand. If someone has taken the time to voice their disgust of their experience with you, chances are that they will not have a much better experience.

Even though that’s not true, and even though everyone knows that people are far more likely to talk about a bad experience than to review you for a good one, it’s important that you look into ways of improving your online reputation and building back the trust in your brand.

How To Fix It

Content is king and it’s time to embrace it. Start a campaign where you ask customers to review you on top sites. You can also focus on adding new content to your site and in marketing efforts like press releases. The more positive content you send out, the better it is for your brand and other marketing efforts.