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BLOGWhy Your Marketing Campaign Didn’t Work

You spent money, watched a few YouTube videos, listened to a few agencies and did everything the right way, or so you thought. Why didn’t your last marketing campaign work? Was it the budget, was it the creative, was it who you targeted or how you reached them? Was it your expectations for the campaign or something else? Why are your competitors placing record sales and you cannot get the phone to ring? What went wrong and what do you have to do differently? Let’s look at some of the most common reasons marketing campaigns do not work:

· Poor targeting: Who saw the ads that you sent out? Were they people carefully selected or did you just randomly choose an audience? Did you select a platform or platforms that were ideal for promoting this service? For example, are you selling car insurance and tried to run a campaign on Instagram? That’s not the ideal way to use that platform and you probably are not going to see the same results that you would from Facebook or email. Also, with car insurance, you want to target people over the age of thirty because they are on a budget and trying to always find the best deal.

· Low-quality content: Let’s imagine that you did hit the right people who would be interested in the products or services you offer. Let’s also imagine that you hit them on the right platforms. Now what about the actual content they received? Did you use quality images, did you use the right colors and did you show them something that they can really get valuable information from and remember your brand? If your content isn’t well done, why would anyone trust you enough to give you their time and money?

· Bad timing: You can sell cars on the 4th of July, you cannot sell car insurance. Know what times are best to market your offer to people. If you are selling a product like new gas grills, a 4th of July sale will be a big success. But that same campaign will not be as successful in the middle of December. Consumers prefer weekend notifications on sales or gearing up to the weekend, not Monday morning.

· No presence on Google: One of the biggest mistakes made with digital marketing is that businesses forget to consider the customer journey. If someone has never heard of you and they start receiving emails, postcards, social media ads and ads on other websites that introduce your brand to them, what are the chances of them buying from you? Probably not that high. You have to repeatedly hit them with your content and even if they go to your site, chances are they are going to do one more thing before they buy from you. Most consumers, when introduced to a new brand, will head to Google to research that brand. If you have not spent time and money investing in SEO and building your Google presence, then chances are they are not going to come back to your site to buy from you because they will not trust you.

· One and done: Again, you have to keep sending content to the same audience, over and over again. The top brands in the world know the value of keeping their brand on top and they spend millions of dollars reaching consumers again and again with ads, even if they are just designed to focus on building the brands presence. Do you feel like this is something you can ignore if the top businesses in the world are doing it? Don’t stop sending these people your content. It doesn’t matter if it gets ignored, they are going to remember your name and that will result in future sales.

We all want to have successful marketing campaigns. The problem is that there is so much information on the web about how to market and which service is the best that it can become a bit confusing. If your business is looking to make a real splash with its marketing efforts, the only way to successfully do it is to invest your budget the right way, identify the best audience to receive your content and make sure they keep seeing it again and again.