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BLOG5 reasons you need to add a blog

Yes, this is a blog about writing a blog. How awesome is that? As small businesses look for ways to grab the attention of the consumer, they spend a lot of time investing in things like videos, banner ads, social media ads and email marketing. Those are all smart and useful tools in the world of digital marketing. However, they can all be enhanced greatly with the addition of a blog on your site. Here are some of the ways a blog can help you:

1. Google loves content: Rather than just writing for yourself, remember that you are also writing for Google. The world’s largest search engine loves sites that contribute continuous content and these individual posts, along with your site, will be benefited with organic rankings and free traffic.

2. Enhances your social media efforts: If your social media posts are mostly focused on promotional content then you are not giving the user a reason to follow you and engage. People go to social media for information and entertainment, not to be sold something. Sharing your blog not only gets you traffic to your site, but it builds up your organic following.

3. A home for your videos: Yes, having a YouTube page is smart, but remember you need to share your videos. Adding them to a blog that also covers keywords relevant to your business is a great way to get a boost from Google and an organic following.

4. Monthly content: You can now utilize your blog to feature content that’s not only shared on your social media but in a monthly newsletter. Again, this generates traffic, but it also gives you a chance to educate people who are familiar with your brand.

5. Build yourself up as an authority: Trust is big on the web and this gives you an opportunity to introduce yourself, whether it’s Google or social media, the more blog content you produce, the more the consumer sees you as an expert in your field.

There’s no denying the long-term benefits you get with having blog content. Without it, you are just playing the same games everyone else is to get attention. Give yourself an advantage that will benefit your business for years and is very affordable to do.