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BLOGWhy It’s Important To Get Review Ratings & Numbers Up

You offer a good product or service but there’s a problem when you research your business. You see a lot of negative content from customers or even competitors. They make claims that aren’t true, or they exaggerate because you didn’t give them a refund two years after they purchased it and misused it as well. Every business owner knows this story and it’s a major headache for them as they try and get new customers in.

The fact is that low ratings and reviews can lead to a major decline in sales. In fact, if you have under a four-star rating on sites like Google and Yelp, it can cost you 20% or more of potential sales. That’s one of the reasons you need to consider a branding and reputation management campaign. Even a month of focusing on a strategy like this can help improve your conversion rates on future marketing campaigns and lower your cost per acquisition. Yes, this type of campaign will not generate immediate traffic and results, but it can help rebrand your online presence and drastically improve your efforts on campaigns down the road.

You Have To Think Like A Consumer Does

The average consumer has become very careful with who they buy from online. Whenever they find you, whether it’s through social media, banner ads, email or Google, they are probably not familiar with your name. Instead, what they do is take the time to research your business on Google to see what the reviews say about you. If they do not like what they see, especially low ratings, then it doesn’t matter how great of a promotion you are having or how much of a need they have for you, they are not going to buy from you. Is that worth ignoring?

How To Fix Things

A reputation management campaign can last anywhere from one to five months or longer, depending on how much damage there is. The idea is to start flooding the web with new content, showing what your business is doing, how it’s improving and so forth. You can also start asking consumers to leave reviews on specific sites, especially those that need attention. This will take some time, but it will be worth it in the end.

Reviews are frustrating because nearly anyone can write them, and most people prefer to write something negative than to write something positive. That’s why it’s important that you ask your loyal customers for help. Most will be happy to do so because they want you to stay in business so that they can continue to rely on you.