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BLOGWhat’s The Deal With Advertising On LinkedIn

You’ve heard about LinkedIn marketing and you have considered trying it. Every time you log in you see ads that are professionally done and sent to you for a reason. But do they work? Are they something that you should consider or is your money better spent elsewhere? Should you run a test to see? These are good questions, but they aren’t the first ones you should be asking.

If you are considering advertising on LinkedIn, there are a few things you need to ask first:

  • Does it make sense for my business to market on LinkedIn? What do you do as a company? Do you sell lawn chairs? If so, then this probably isn’t the platform for you. Do you offer financial advisement to medical professionals? If so, then this is exactly where you should market. This platform is meant for people who are focused on their careers, looking for ways to connect with people who can influence and advance their position and offer important insight.
  • Will my audience be on there and responsive? Your audience will be there, but that doesn’t mean they will respond. The issue is that people are not spending the same amount of time on LinkedIn that they do on Facebook or Instagram, meaning they are not giving the same time and attention to this social media site. However, if your focus is to provide valuable content like blogs and educational programs, you have a much higher chance of getting engagement than you would with simple static ads.
  • What should my goals be? Your goal with LinkedIn marketing should be very straightforward; build your brand and target an audience that other social media networks cannot reach. Focus on providing free assistance and information that will benefit the person you are targeting and that will increase your chances of getting engagement.

LinkedIn marketing is more expensive because you are targeting people based on their profession. However, that doesn’t mean it’s better. It’s difficult to say if your campaign will be successful or not and more information is needed to determine which strategy is best.