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BLOGWhat Actually Works When It Comes To Marketing?

Please stop with the tips, the psychology, the ideas, the trends and everything else. All you want to know is what will work. You don’t care what it costs, you just need results. You need someone to shoot straight with you, someone who will sit you down and say do this and it will work. You don’t care what it takes, you just care that it works. You are tired of the excuses; you just want results.

Here’s the bad news, it doesn’t exist. The reason is because it’s not easy and it takes time and money. No agency can deliver something immediate and more importantly, no marketing agency can guarantee results. If they could, they would charge a lot more for their services. So, why do companies guarantee results? Because they do not have to put it in writing, and they can charge you what they want and get money in.

That’s not the type of company you want to work with. You want to work with a marketing company that is upfront with you about what to expect and what will happen. They also offer more than just a few services. Why is that important? Because they will not try to sell you only what they can offer, they will try to sell you what will work best for you. The more services mean the more they can customize your marketing strategy.

So, What Actually Works?

The only way to answer that is to look at your industry. For example, if you are healthcare you need to be on Google. If you are a restaurant, social media may be your best platform. Regardless of what you are doing and who you are, there are a few rules that need to be followed.

The first rule is to make sure that you are producing quality content. Anything that doesn’t look professionally done will reflect poorly on your brand. You also need to make sure that you are reaching the audience frequently. You cannot expect to send one ad to people and get results. If you want results you need to hit your target audience with content at least once a week.

If you aren’t seeing the results you want, perhaps you need to change up your strategy. For example, if Google AdWords isn’t working it may not be because you are doing the wrong thing, it may just be that the competition has a bigger budget. If you really want to know what works when it comes to marketing, you need to get to speak with an expert.