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BLOGThe Reason Your SEO Needs To Be A Top Priority This Year

Are you dead set on making 2020 a successful year for your business? Good, now it’s time to make a plan. Look at your website, look at your online presence, your followers on social media and how many email records you own. What is the status of all those? If they are not in great shape, then you need to be smart about what your business really needs to grow, and it starts with putting down a solid foundation with SEO. There’s no way to thrive in the battle of online marketing without a strong web presence and Google has proven that more times than you can count.  

The first question usually asked when marketing agencies talk about SEO is how it is valuable. No, you will not see traffic and sales from a search engine optimization campaign in month one or two. So, why is it needed and why do companies invest so much money into it? The answer is simple, because companies that are found on Google, especially organically, generate higher conversion rates and better sales numbers. You can ask any expert in marketing and they will all admit the same thing. If you can get page one rankings on important keywords, you will see sales. Along with that, if you invest in a strong search engine optimization campaign, you are going to have a strong web presence which impacts your other marketing efforts.

If you send out an email campaign or social media, you are going to see people Google your company name because they want to know who you are. They also want to know what other consumers have experienced in the past and if you are a company, they should bother doing business with. That’s why it’s so important to reinforce your brand on search engines, especially the largest one.

As you look for ways to setup a successful marketing campaign in 2020 and beyond, keep a few things in mind. One, consumers will always want to know more about your company before they buy from you. Two, if a consumer is interested in doing business with you because they found you on Google, your chances of getting a conversion are much higher than that of just offering a promotion. Three, SEO converts better than any marketing service if it’s done well. Four, if you want to establish yourself as a leader in your industry, it begins with making sure that your search engine optimization is done right and that you give it time to grow.