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BLOGThe Process Of SEO and How It Can Help My Business

You’ve probably been pitched SEO and other search engine marketing services a few dozen times by now. You are tired of it; you do not want to hear about it anymore. You’ve tried it in the past and it doesn’t work.  You do not see any results; you can’t even get reliable reporting and you feel like SEO is a marketing trick intended to get your money for a few months and then you finally give up and move on.

Here’s Why You’re Wrong!

SEO is the most powerful internet marketing tool in the world. Yes, that’s right, it’s the most powerful. I can enhance everything you are doing, generate sales, help you improve your tracking efforts and even protect your online reputation. No other service, again, no other digital marketing service can do all of those things and we haven’t even scratched the tip of the surface. Here’s what you need to understand about search engine optimization:

  • Highest conversion rate: You can show someone ten emails or Facebook ads, if they aren’t interested then they aren’t interested. You can show someone the greatest video content in the world, but if they do not want your products or service, then they do not want it. However, if they go to Google and look for something they need, and they find you, then you have the best possible chance of getting a conversion. If someone finds you via Google it’s because they want to engage you, they need something from you and that gives you the upper hand.
  • Go after hundreds or thousands of keywords: If you are a plumber in Orlando, do you think that there are only a few keywords you can go after? No, there are hundreds. The same thing is true for attorneys, doctors, contractors, insurance agents and more. There are short keywords like attorney in Orlando and there are longtail keywords like divorce attorney in Orlando. Longtail keywords do not generate as much traffic but you can get ranked faster on them and you can also get visits from people who are more serious about hiring you because they are looking for something specific.
  • Protect your online reputation: Competitors and customers who want to drag your name through the mud will go to review sites and write things about you for others to see. A strong search engine optimization campaign will flood the web with positive content about your business so that new consumers will find good things about you.
  • Improves conversion rates of other marketing services: Are you sending consumers emails, social media ads and doing other stuff to get your name out there? That’s great but understand, if the consumer sees an ad from you and they are interested in what you are offering, they will eventually head to Google so that they can find out more information about your company. If they do not see good things, or if they do not see anything, you will lose the sale no matter how good your offer is.
  • Better tracking on how you are getting leads: If someone receives an email from you, goes to your site and then leaves, even if they return days or weeks later, you cannot know if that sale was generate from the email so you think the campaign failed. Chances are they went to Google to get information about your business. The world’s largest search engine tracks how many times people searched your company name. If you run email and social media marketing campaigns and see a sudden spike in the number of searches for your company name, you know it’s working, even if it doesn’t generate immediate sales.
  • Long-term marketing: When you send an ad, the minute you stop paying for it to be sent, it’s gone. With SEO, you can literally setup a campaign for six months and if you stop it you will not have everything vanish. Yes, eventually your efforts will start to fade, and your rankings will go down. However, it’s you will still benefit from the campaign and see traffic and rankings for years.
  • Grab consumers just looking for information: One of the main reasons people go to Google is for information. If you are a dentist in Orlando and are ranked with content that talks about the importance of flossing or which mouthwash is best, you may not see a lot of sales from that. However, whenever someone goes on to Google and searches for information about that, there’s a good chance they will find you. This builds trust as you are providing them free information and gives you a chance to make a great impression so that when they do need a dentist, you are going to be the first person they think of.
  • No cost per click: If you are in a field where the AdWords cost per click is through the roof, then SEO is the way to go. For example, some attorneys have to pay $700 a click or more just to be on the top page. However, even if you can only get ranked on the second page organically, people will still find you because the attorneys ranked on the top page are either too busy or far too expensive. The best part, it doesn’t matter how many clicks you generate organically because it doesn’t cost you more based on traffic.

SEO is not something you can ignore if you want to have a successful online marketing strategy and presence. If you have been avoiding search engine optimization for years because of a bad experience, then that’s not the fault of the service, it’s on you for not having done your research and found a company that knows what they are doing. Web designers are not SEO specialists, companies off cheap blog sites or forums have no business trying to setup a campaign that will give you real rankings and put you right up there with your top competitors. If you want to work with a real search engine optimization firm and see real work being done, call us today and get a free consultation with a Google expert.