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BLOGThe Most Cost-effective Ways To Reach Consumers

Title: The Most Cost-effective Ways To Reach Consumers

Hi, my name is blank, and I would like to introduce you to my company and this special offer we are running today. Essentially, that is what you are doing with marketing, you are trying to introduce yourself and give the person a reason to take an interest in what you are saying. This initial introduction may not generate sales, but the main goal is to have the person remember your name so that if and when they do need something you offer, they remember you first.  Or maybe you catch them at the right time, and they decide to take you up on your promotion because it’s a good deal.

The trick to online marketing is being in the right place at the right time and frequency. One campaign will never work, but dozens of campaigns will generate better options for you. In reality, it takes 8-50 times for someone to see your ad before you can expect them to take action. An action doesn’t mean a sale, it just means they finally click on the ad and really give you a look over to see who you are and what you are about. If you have to hit someone 50 times just for them to do that, then one of the first questions has to be exactly how to reach them.

There are dozens of ways to send people ads online. You can target their phones, their computers and go from there. You can target the person as well like their age, their income, their gender, where they live and more. The more specific you can get with who you are targeting, the better your content will be received.

So, how should you send your content? There are dozens of options but if frequency is the key, it may be best to choose more affordable options so that you can reach the consumer over and over again. Here are three affordable ways to reach the consumer:

  • Social media: The best retention comes from displaying content on Facebook, Instagram and so forth. Not because it’s more affordable but because it’s the platform users dedicate the most attention and time to throughout the day. The average person spends 4 hours on social media each day. Why wouldn’t you advertise there?
  • Email marketing: One of our favorite ways to generate impressions and improve brand awareness is with emailing consumers. Why is it one of our favorites? Because if you can deliver an email right to someone’s inbox, they see your name, they see your reason for contacting them and that’s before they open it. This is a great way to get your brand name in their mind and keep it there.
  • Programmatic advertising: If frequency is your goal then there is no better option that’s affordable and consistent than banner advertising. Hit the consumers on sites they are visiting and apps they are using, hundreds of times a month. Your ad will be everywhere and give you a better chance of keeping them aware of your company.

It’s better to hit 10 people 100 times than 100 people 10 times. If you can remember that and utilize cost-effective platforms, you’re marketing strategy is already off to a good start.