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BLOGThe Cost-Effective Alternative To SEO & Google AdWords

SEO and/or Google AdWords offer something that no other form of marketing can, a chance to be found by people actually looking for you. Every other form of digital marketing relies on branding and making the consumer aware of the business and promotion. Imagine being a plumber and showing an ad to someone who needs one? Imagine selling a car and being able to display a digital offer to the person who needs to buy a new car within the next couple of weeks. How can you beat that? However, as great as SEO and Google AdWords are, they aren’t without a few knocks, like all other digital marketing services.

Let’s start with search engine optimization, arguably the top marketing service in all the world. It organically generates traffic, benefits and increases the conversion rates of other marketing services and can help build your brand among bigger and tougher competition. SEO was considered the great equalizer of internet marketing where skill and hard work was more important than budget and resources. Today it’s a little tougher and takes a lot longer to generate top page results.

Google AdWords is also missing the glory days. Still the number one way to generate immediate traffic and sales, the conversions have slowed a bit while the costs have gone up. It’s still a must to generate immediate traffic to your site, especially if you are a newer company and need fast conversions. However, if you do not do things the right way, you can miss out on sales and waste thousands of dollars.

You understand the need for search marketing, but the problem is that you cannot wait for SEO to kick in and you do not have the AdWords budget to compete with the top companies in your field. So, what can you do? Let’s start with a new search service that allows you to market to anyone on the web who is actively searching for something or visiting sites that have content relevant to your field.

This service sends digital offers to people who are looking for a service or product relevant to your industry and you can literally display content to them multiple times a day. It’s a cost-effective strategy that can lower your cost per click and get your brand out there much faster. If you are interested in learning more about this new and exciting service, feel free to contact us today.