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BLOGThe Challenge Of Getting Sales Off Of Social Media

Social media offers a unique and affordable opportunity to market to millions of consumers and generate immediate traffic and long-time followers. It also gives you a chance to improve your opportunity to market to the same audience multiple times. However, there are challenges that come with this as well as you have thousands of other businesses fighting for the same time and space that you are. They aren’t even competitors, but they know that social media is the best way for them to market to consumers and that’s why they want the time and space you are trying to lock down.

The reason these platforms are so valuable is because they offer a higher retention rate than most forms of advertising and you can focus on engagement, building followers, capturing emails and generating traffic. However, what if you want sales? That’s the real challenge that businesses face as they look for ways to get actual sales on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Let’s start with the problem with that strategy, people are not on these sites to buy something, they are there because they want to be entertained, stay informed, kill time and chat with friends. That puts your goals at a major disadvantage.

The only real way you are going to be able to generate interest and sales from social media is to offer an unbelievable promotion that hits the consumer at the right time and that’s tough. Yes, you’ve heard of people who have done it before, or you’ve done it in the past and had a lot of success. That’s great, but it may not be an option for you now. Your main options now focus around making sure that your business can grow it’s following and convert some of those followers into sales, especially throughout the year.

The best way to convert those consumers into sales is by first converting them into followers. Get them to follow your pages, provide you with their email and so forth so that when you do have a promotion, they are not hearing about you for the first time. It’s more affordable to promote to your own followers than it is to people who have never heard of you and you also have a higher conversion rate on average. If you want to see real sales from social media, this is the strategy you need to follow but also make sure you set realistic expectations for yourself.