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BLOGWhy You Are Overpaying On Google AdWords

Google AdWords was once the only guaranteed way to generate sales in digital marketing. Someone goes to Google for information, they find you at the top of the page, they click on your ad, call you and buy from you. It was so simple. However, over the last five-ten years, things have drastically changed and now the cost per click is higher than ever and the conversion rates are lower than ever. So, what happened?

There are a few things including the fact that consumers are using Google now for more information than they are in making decisions on buying products and services. Along with that, you have more businesses listed on the top page with 8 PPC spots and several organic ones as well. Page one is more crowded than ever. You also can’t forget the fact that there are so many companies who throw up a landing page and throw money at AdWords just to get ranked at the top. The problem with that, they have no brand and they are not giving the consumer any reason to trust them.

So, the consumer gets tired of calling or visiting the top ads and they dig a little deeper, either on the page or in their search term. Long-tail keywords are more valuable than ever and also give companies a better shot at a conversion. SEO is making a comeback as consumers trust brands ranked on the top page rather than the ones paying to be there.

Do not abandon Google AdWords but understand it’s limitations. If you want to generate quality leads you need a combination of SEO, PPC, contextual ads along with retargeting. This is the best way to capture people’s attention as they are looking for a service or product that you offer. Don’t worry about being at the top of the page, instead try to make sure that you are found everywhere. If your competition is paying $50 a click, then make sure you are getting the same quality clicks, at a fifth of the price. There are ways to do it and that comes with working with an experienced marketing team.