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BLOGStarting An Online Retail Business, 5 Do’s and Don’ts

There are more online businesses starting in the last five years than there were small businesses created in the previous 20. Why is that? Because people believe they can build their own business online and immediately get sales. It’s actually not that simple but if you take the time to do things the right way, you are going to success. It’s not just that you need to invest your money into your business, but where and how to invest. These five tips will help give you a chance to get off to a good start and consistently reach consumers:

  • Don’t invest in a big website: Why build a big website that will cost tens of thousands of dollars when you do not have any revenue coming in yet? It doesn’t make sense and one of the problems that you will face is that you will have a minimal budget to spend on marketing. Instead, there are great platforms and sites out there that allow you to build online stores and generate business like Facebook, Amazon, eBay and Shopify.
  • Get on social media fast: Your audience is on social media and if you want to start advertising to them, especially with promotions, you need to reach them on these sites first. Yes, they may not have a large conversion rate, but you have a higher chance of consumers remembering your brand and viewing your promotion.
  • Only focus on sales whenever a holiday weekend comes up: How often do you buy something from a retail store online on a Tuesday? Rarely, but the chances are higher, nights, weekends, during your lunch break or especially on holiday weekends. That’s why you need to make sure your ads are hitting consumers at those times, and holiday weekends are the best time to have a sale.
  • Build up a Google presence: As you start hitting consumers with ads via social media, email, programmatic and direct mail, don’t forget that there’s a great chance that they will head to search engines to see who you are. If you get an email about a big sale coming up from a brand you’ve never heard of and you want to research them, you will head to Google for information. What happens if they have nothing listed or negative reviews? Chances are you are not going to waste your time with them, and all trust is lost, even if you are interested in their promotion.
  • Don’t expect sales off a single marketing campaign: It doesn’t matter if you are doing email marketing, social media or something else, there’s a small chance you will see sales off of your first campaign. When it comes to digital marketing, the name of the game is frequency. That’s the only chance you have of seeing sales is by reaching the audience dozens of times.

As you look to get your retail business off the ground, follow these tips to save money and hit the right audience, increasing your chances of sales. Don’t be afraid to pay sites and platforms that charge per sale. Yes, it lowers your profit margins, but it increases your chances of getting sales faster.