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BLOGShould you invest in television commercials

For decades, television has been the most reliable form of advertising. The ability to reach thousands or millions on the one thing that holds their undivided attention is too good to pass up. However, over the last decade plus, the world’s most profitable form of marketing has lost its luster and ability to make an impression.

What do people do during commercials? They grab their phones and start texting friends or going on social media. They ignore commercials and use the break to catch up on the world around them rather than wait for the show to come back. Even tougher for those who still swear by the power of television, the majority of viewers use recording options to watch their favorite programs later so that they can fast-forward through commercials and watch their program in a fraction of the time.

If that wasn’t bad enough, television is so difficult to track as far as ROI. You cannot even tell the number of impressions or the type of audience that views the program. This is why it’s important that you as a business owner identify more reliable and affordable forms of marketing that gives you a chance to not only identify the audience you are targeting, but track results like impressions and traffic.

If you are still sold on marketing on television, running your ads via streaming is a much better and more cost-effective option. Running a commercial during a program via streaming not only allows you to target the audience better, but you also have the ability to grab more attention because people follow streaming ads more than they do television ones, mainly due to the fact that they are streaming on their phones and cannot ignore the ads.

It’s time to get smart about how you are advertising your brand and if you are dedicating money to television you need to rethink your strategy.