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BLOGSEO Services in Vero Beach

What is the real value that Vero Beach SEO services has for an accountant versus PPC services? That’s a great question but to better answer it, it’s important that we first take a look at how each option can benefit an accountant or firm as they look for new clients. Whenever someone goes to Google, they are either looking for two things usually, someone who can help them with something they need, or they are looking for information regarding a question they have. With over 3.5 billion searches a day, it’s funny that most of those searches come down to those two categories. Here’s how you can take advantage of both of those categories and generate new traffic and potential business.

When it comes to Vero Beach PPC services, the goal is to get immediate traffic. If someone goes onto Google and searches for an accountant in their area, you want to be on the top of the page. They are in need of fast help and want the assistance of an expert, someone who will put in the time on their project, not just rely on some fast-food idea of service. This is someone who is committed to finding a firm to work with and you have a good chance of getting them to visit your website and maybe even signing up with you if you market with pay per click.

SEO services focus on a different approach. Yes, it’s great to be ranked organically on the top page because you are still going to generate traffic and hopefully sales from those rankings. However, people are getting smarter on how to use Google and they are asking questions rather than just putting in a word or two. We refer to these as long-tail keywords. The problem with focusing on long-tail keywords with a Google AdWords campaign is that it takes away a big portion of your ad budget, giving you less of an opportunity to rank at the top for your main targeted keywords. By focusing on these long-tail terms through search engine optimization, you can rank faster and know that even though they generate less traffic, the person visiting your site is more committed because they are looking for something specific. You can start to see the difference between Vero Beach PPC services and search engine optimization. They can generate different results, but you can also see better results if you combine the two. Rather than focusing on one or the other, think of PPC services as a way to generate faster traffic to your site. In the meantime, your Vero Beach SEO services are casting a wider net across the web, designed to drive in steadier traffic, establish your web presence and help grow your brand. If you want to do things the right way and generate short-term and long-term traffic that will hopefully result in an increase in sales, then you need to speak with a Google marketing expert to setup a custom plan that fits your budget and needs. Let’s get started today with a free consultation to go over a marketing strategy that has worked for other accountants throughout the country.