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BLOGSEO Services in St. Augustine

St. Augustine SEO services can provide your brand with long term benefits. However, there are some situations or businesses that can benefit from search engine optimization an PPC services a little bit differently than others. When it comes to restoration businesses, the more cities you are ranked in, the better. A realtor will not see much traffic from page two or three of his or her keywords. They need to be on page one, even if it’s a long-tail keyword, if they want to see consistent traffic and potential sales. A restoration company needs to focus on casting a wide net, even if it means not being on the top page.

Imagine a restoration company that is located in St. Augustine and is using SEO services to be ranked on Google. They decide to add PPC services so that they can be found on the top page in St. Augustine and a few of the surrounding cities. This brings them immediate traffic and potential business. Over the course of a few months, their search engine optimization efforts get them to page two of restoration keywords for cities throughout the state of Florida. Every once in a while, you might see some clicks or even some calls from cities like Miami or Orlando with people looking for prices. You know cost-effective ways to get work from there and you are happy to take it from wherever it comes from.

Unfortunately, a hurricane hits the state and people need fast repair work done for their homes and businesses. The top restoration businesses ranked on the top page of Google for their cities are flooded with work and people head to page two or three to find someone to restore their property. This is exactly how your business can benefit from a more passive, but strategic SEO strategy. You are organically ranked on these keywords and once the hurricane is over, you will start to see more business come in because you are ranked above other local companies. If you say you can do work in Orlando and there is a need, people will hire you. Obviously, this theory doesn’t work for every industry. However, it does show you a unique way to combine search engine optimization and the use of Google AdWords to generate immediate and long-term business for your brand. As you start to develop your marketing strategy, keep in mind the utilization of SEO and PPC services and how they can benefit your brand. Remember, consumers head to search engines for more information about the company they want to use or to provide them with options for the services they need. If you are not ranked on the top pages of those search terms, your chances of generating business from online marketing efforts are very slim. That’s why you need to consult with a St. Augustine digital marketing expert about how our options can benefit you. Get your free consultation today when you give us a call and remember to ask for a free report of your site as well.