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BLOGSEO Services in Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach SEO services can help an attorney bring in consistent business without having to overpay for marketing. How does that work? Imagine if every law firm in the area wanted to be on page one for a keyword that’s relevant to their field. Then imagine that everyone who searches that keyword only clicks on the top spots for attorneys. These spots are used for ads with Google AdWords and generate more traffic and business than anywhere else online. However, they do come with a catch. The cost for these top spots are very high and you can expect these attorneys to charge more than enough to cover those costs.

Now, as someone who needs legal help, my motivation to go with a high-priced lawyer isn’t that high, especially when there are dozens of other lawyers in Panama City Beach who would love to represent me in my case. This is when I go from the top ads, to the top organic posts, or the postings that are there because of SEO services. As a consumer I trust these more because you had to actually work to get there, not just have the biggest marketing budget. I also like the SEO rankings because it gives me more information about your company and shows that you’ve been around a while. With pay per click, all you have to do is setup a landing page and then have the highest budget to be found. With search engine optimization, you have to have an established site, with lots of content, good links going back to your site and people researching it for years.

It took a while for you to get to the top page, but it gives your business more credibility than ever before. Even better, it brings in free traffic and potential clients because you are ranked on dozens of key terms and you do not have to pay anyone when a new client finds you and contacts you. However, there is one bit of confusion when it comes to SEO and that has to do with combining it with Panama City Beach PPC services.

You do not have to choose between the two. Too many businesspeople and experts debate between the two. They would rather see the extra marketing budget go towards PPC to generate more clicks. That’s a mistake and one that cannot be made by a smart business. If you are not adding SEO to your PPC efforts, you are running the risk of losing clients who cannot find enough credible information about you to warrant giving you a shot.

Again, imagine if someone is on Google and finds your ad at the top because of your PPC services. It’s a great thing but because now you have a chance to get that person in the door. However, they decide that they want to research your business a little more and they can’t seem to find that much about you. They can’t find anything about past work you’ve done, they don’t see blogs that you’ve written or information about any cases you’ve worked. To them, you look like you’ve been around five minutes and that’s all they know. Yes, your site offers a lot of information but how can they verify it on their own when all they find is a LinkedIn page that you haven’t touched in four years? This is where SEO and PPC services can work together to improve your marketing efforts and generate more business for your firm. If you are ready to learn how you can utilize SEO and PPC services for your Panama City Beach law firm, be sure to contact us today for a free marketing consultation.