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BLOGSEO Services in Destin

There are five ways that Destin SEO services can benefit your brand and other marketing options you are utilizing. Whether you are doing email marketing, social media and banner advertising, Destin PPC services or something else, you need to still incorporate search engine optimization into your strategy for several reasons. The first has to do with the customer journey. Chances are, even if you have great content, the consumer will ignore your first initial ads. Why wouldn’t they? They’ve never heard of you; they’ve never been offered anything by you before, so they have no idea who you are. Plus, you are sending them content at a time when they are not looking to buy. So, you can see why the conversion rates cannot be expected to be through the roof at this time.

The goal for this type of aggressive marketing is frequency and you’re going to hit the consumer with ads over and over again. Ideally, after the tenth impression of your content, the consumer finally takes the initiative to visit your site. They find information on the promotion you are offering and their next step, actually isn’t to purchase anything, it’s to go to Google to research your brand. Why are they doing this? Again, because they’ve never heard about you. They have no idea who you are and if you are a reliable company. If you are not utilizing SEO services, then you are already at a disadvantage because they will find minimal information about your business.

Even if you are gaining traffic with PPC services, the consumer is still going to do their homework. Without SEO, you will see a drop in your conversion rates across the board. Another way that you can see a real benefit from search engine optimization is by going after long-tail keywords. These keywords are not going to get as much traffic as the others, but whenever you go after them, you can generate faster rankings. Another plus is that someone who types in a long-tail keyword is usually more committed to making a decision rather than just searching for information. It can be difficult to add long-tail keywords to your PPC services because you would be spreading your budget too thin so doing it with organic search is a much more cost-effective idea. Next, you can also see the benefit of Destin SEO services when people are researching for information. For example, if you are a dentist and someone in your area wants to know more about a treatment you offer, being ranked on the top page is great because they will trust your brand for information, and then eventually, for service. Add to the fact that SEO services do not require you to keep pumping in money to keep your rankings up or to generate more traffic long-term, and you can see why combining this with Destin PPC services is a smart idea. Want to develop a custom marketing package for your brand? We offer free consultations with a Google marketing expert who can help you identify the way you should be marketing your business and how to get started.