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BLOGSEO Expert in St. Augustine

Dentists will tell you that working with a St. Augustine SEO expert is something they never considered until they say low conversion rates with other marketing services. Whether it was PPC, social media, running video ads, sending out emails or something else, they weren’t seeing an increase in calls and new patients. It’s understandable that email, social media and other more aggressive forms of advertising may not generate immediate results, but how can you account for Google AdWords not generating more? After consulting with a St. Augustine PPC expert, it becomes obvious what the problem is, you are not dedicating enough time into search engine optimization for your name, your business and other areas where people may be searching.

There are certain services and products that people will do their homework on, including a dentist. Few people are going to go with the first dentist ad they find on Google. They are going to research the information they’ve found, and they want to see how the office is rated for specific services, what information there is and more. If they do not find enough information, or more importantly, they do not find enough good information, the chances of converting, even with a PPC campaign are slim. If you do not have much of a Google presence, then you need to consult with a St. Augustine marketing expert about SEO and how it can benefit your business in the short and long-term. While speaking to an SEO expert, he or she will be able to show you how other dental offices in your field are thriving because of a strong presence on the world’s largest search engine.

Marketing is an investment you are making into your own business. Yes, your focus is on providing your patients with the best care and service, but our goal is to make sure that more people know about the good work you do. While we offer several options to reach those patients, the best services are going to be the ones that focus on Google marketing. Without a strong SEO presence, even the best PPC expert in the field would see lower conversion rates than usual. However, if you think that search engine optimization is going to take you months of work before you see any results, you are not seeing the value. One aspect of search engine optimization is going after keywords to be ranked on the top page and get new customers. However, another, more immediate focus, is to generate a strong brand presence that enhances your other marketing efforts. Any social media, email, banner or PPC expert will tell you that you cannot see strong results without a brand presence. That means the task of speaking with a St. Augustine SEO expert should be one of your top priorities, especially as you look to get more aggressive with your marketing efforts. Branding does not take long and you can establish yourself as a top dentist in your area with a strong SEO strategy. Contact us today and get a free consultation with a marketing expert who can show you the advantages of the services we offer.