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BLOGSEO Expert in Pensacola

An effective digital marketing strategy designed by a Pensacola SEO expert can help your business thrive for years. One of the biggest and most common reasons why small businesses struggle with digital marketing is because they work with agencies and people who can only offer one or two services. For example, if you contact a web designer who offers social media and search engine optimization services, they will explain to you how these services are a must for your business. Whether they are or are not, you cannot know for sure because this web designer is only going to recommend the services that they can sell you.

By working with a larger agency, you can speak with a Pensacola SEO expert and choose between several recommended services. Their goal isn’t to sell you something, it’s to educate you on the best ways to market your business and build an online presence that will generate traffic and leads for years. So, how do you begin? The first thing to do is look at your current business, what you’ve done in the past as far as marketing goes, how strong your online presence is, who your competitors are, what they are doing and so forth.

Then, your Pensacola SEO expert will review things that you can start doing immediately like establishing a strong presence on Google. This will not only make it easier or people to find your company online, but it will also reinforce other marketing options you are utilizing. If someone sees an email from you or one of your social media ads running, chances are they will check you out on Google before contacting you directly if they are interested in your services. That’s why it’s so important to start with SEO first and then build from there. If your site is not equipped to get aggressive with search engine optimization, there are still things that can be done to help establish your business on Google.

Next, your Pensacola PPC expert will take a look at how competitive your industry is. For example, what are the top businesses in your field paying to get traffic from Google and other sites? Are they paying tens of thousands of dollars a month? If so, then you need to find a way to improve your efforts and get more out of search engines. But what if you cannot compete with them as far as budget is concerned? That’s where there’s some creativity needed on the part of your Pensacola PPC expert.

One of the things you can do is target afterhours traffic. This means anyone who searches keywords relevant to your business after normal business hours. Because these competitors are spending so much money to be on the top of page one at the peak hours of searches, they are spending the bulk of their daily budget and you have the upper-hand afterhours, when fewer people are searching, but you can still find some great traffic at a lower price. This is one of the best ways to get new traffic in and generate leads when you have a fraction of the budget that your competition has. Transparent Marketing Solutions will make sure you work with a SEO and Pensacola PPC expert who is not only well experienced in multiple areas of marketing but can also help you to develop a strong plan of action that will help your business grow online for years. Take a moment to check out our website and then make sure you contact us for more information, a free consultation and review of your website and marketing strategy. Don’t forget to send us information about your top competitors so that we can show you what they are doing as well.