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BLOGSEO Expert in Fort Myers

One of the reasons we offer a free consultation with a Fort Myers SEO expert is because we want to learn about your business and how to best market it. The same can be said about working with a PPC expert. Because we offer over a dozen marketing services, we can create a custom strategy and plan based on your needs, industry, current efforts and budget, that will generate short and long-term success and give your business a chance to thrive online. Other agencies struggle to offer this many options so they try to focus on only selling you what they can use rather than what you need to be successful.

A great example of this is if you were to work with a SEO expert for your construction company. They would focus on the fact that most people use directories to find new companies, or they click on ads at the top of the page. Therefore, the main focus of your search engine optimization campaign would be branding to reinforce other things you are doing, generate immediate traffic with Google AdWords, and also to use organic search to go after long-tail keywords. The benefit of this is that you can get ranked much faster than with short-tail keywords and you have a better chance of getting an engagement from a visitor because they are more committed to getting information that they can use now.

Many industries would have a similar strategy and an SEO expert can show you exactly how long-term goals can benefit your business. However, one of the reasons you also want to speak with a PPC expert is because you want to see exactly how you can generate immediate results in the form of traffic and prospective clients. Pay per click is the fastest way to generate committed traffic to your site. The reason we say committed is because these visitors weren’t randomly on their social media or email accounts, saw your ad and clicked on it. They were taking an action by going to Google and researching something. That action is important because it leads to higher conversion rates and a better chance for you to make a sale. The issue that comes up with Google AdWords for most businesses is budget. You cannot outbid your competitors if they are spending three times what you are. This is where a Fort Myers PPC expert can help you come up with creative ways to be competitive like running your ads outside of peak hours, generating more interest on lesser search key terms and so forth. By adding this to SEO services, your internet marketing strategy begins to take shape and you develop a strong game plan based on generating traffic from people who are already looking for your services. We believe in offering free consultations because this is the information you need to know as well as the fact that we need to be aware of what your needs, goals, budget and experiences are so that you get a plan that works best for you, not for another company that we just try to resell to you.