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BLOGThe Best Way To Run Ads On Social Media

Social media is an interesting marketing tool. It doesn’t produce a lot of conversions but there is no better way to get your brand in front of a consumer as sites like Facebook and Instagram offer the highest brand retention rate of any digital marketing service. So, you know that you need to incorporate more social media into your advertising, but you are not sure where to begin to make your money count for something more than clicks and likes.

Set Your Expectations

Let’s pause for a second and remember something, you are advertising on social media. Your goal should not be sales. It should be signups, branding or something else but if you are looking for sales you’ve come to the wrong place. These platforms aren’t built for sales, even if you’ve seen it happen before. People do not go onto their Facebook so that they can buy something, and you have to understand that as you get started.

Building A Following

So, if you cannot generate sales from these sites what good are they? They can help you build a following, people who like your page and engage your posts. You can also run contests and other giveaways on them to build your email database and give yourself more ways of contacting these consumers.

Sell To Your Own

Do not try to generate sales from people who have never heard of you. The only time you really see solid sales numbers on social media or where social sites were part of the equation is when you are hitting people who know who you are. Build followers and likes, get emails and retarget on social to people who have visited your site. That’s how you get conversions.

Give Your Followers Something Useful

If people only see promotional stuff, then they are going to eventually tune you out. However, if you offer things like free information, contests, advice or even something funny, you can improve your chances of engagement and get them to interact with your brand.

You can spend thousands of dollars trying to get sales on Facebook and Instagram and it probably will leave you disappointed. If you are smart about what you are doing and set realistic expectations, you can generate long-term success with these sites and build an audience who you can hit on multiple platforms throughout the year. That’s also a big advantage when it comes time for big promotions as your competitors will be focused on branding and you will be sending ads to people who have already heard of you for years.