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BLOGRestaurant Marketing, Keeping It Simple

Imagine someone walks into your restaurant, orders something and pays for it. That’s the general idea, right? Now, imagine someone saw you post a new dish on social media, comes in to try it, loves it and shares an image of it with all their friends and family on social media as well? Wouldn’t that be great? This is how marketing for restaurants work and why so many of them are able to be successful, even if they are not a big brand. People love being different and that includes ordering from places that are of the beaten path. If you have a hole-in-the-wall spot or a local’s favorite, then your goal should be to get as social as possible and ask your customers to do the same.

These customers can do more for you than any marketing company ever could because their recommendations are going to carry more weight with an audience than ours ever will. You need your customers to get excited about coming to your establishment and sharing your dishes and location with friends and family. Whatever it takes, whether you have a promotion, offer incentives for people to share your posts or tag themselves at your location, it’s important that you get them to share.

We Can Still Help

While it’s true that your customers can do a better job of marketing your brand than we can in the case of restaurants, that doesn’t mean we can’t help. Let’s start with one of the obvious things, getting you a brand presence. Someone has to run your social media accounts, post images, create ads and target people in your area. If not done well, your ads will get ignored and your money and time wasted.

Another thing we can do is target people with certain specials and send them emails. Imagine someone goes on Facebook or Instagram and sees that every Thursday you have a happy hour, but you also have a unique appetizer on sale. The goal is to get people in for a couple of drinks and the appetizer and hope that they stay for dinner. Social media is a great avenue to promote this on, but you take it a step further by sending these people an email to remind them off the promotion.

There’s always a chance that they may have missed the initial social media post, but that email can make them aware of your brand and why they need to keep an eye out for your next promotion. Showing consumers that you are professional and offer great food at a fair price is the key to getting them in the door. That’s why you need a professional marketing company to help you accomplish that.