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BLOGMarketing tips for realtors

Being a realtor is not an easy thing as far as getting new clients. You have plenty of competition from other full-time realtors to people who do it as a second job. There are literally hundreds and thousands of people with their license in certain areas and if you are in one of those areas you have plenty of competition. So, how can you make an impact in the world of marketing, get your name out there, get more clients and not break the bank?

Start With An Online Presence

There are dozens of sites people may go to in order to find the best deals on homes and a real estate agent they can work with. You need to list yourself on all of them. It doesn’t matter If you have to pay a fee or not, your target audience is heading to these sites and you need to be there. Yes, you will be listed among your competitors and have a small chance of getting selected but do not think of the numbers, think of the visitor. These are people seeking a real estate agent so if they contact you, more than likely they are serious about needing your services.

Get Social

The next step is to utilize social media to get your brand out there. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn are going to be your top sites and you should start by posting for organic engagement. What does that mean exactly? Post blogs with advice on how to buy a home or sell a
house, giving people real guidance as they dive into your world. Post things that provide information or entertainment, do not focus on promotional right now. Boosting a blog about how to buy a house will outperform a promotional ad every time.

Build A Following

Along with getting followers on social media, it’s a good idea to also capture the email addresses of these people. This way, you can start sending them a monthly newsletter that not only feature your blog but also updates on what’s going on in their area.

Invest In Long-Tail SEO

You will not get ranked on the top page of Google for “realtor in Miami.” It’s never going to happen and any SEO company claiming otherwise is just trying to get your money. The top keywords are taken by the top companies. You may get listed in the map section but that’s about it and PPC will be really expensive.

However, keywords like “homes for sale in Miami Gardens, affordable realtor in Coral Gables, Miami condo realtor, commercial real estate agents in Doral,” are all keywords that generate traffic and you can reach page one within a half of a year.

Be smart about how you spend your time and money. Do not expect sales immediately because it takes time to see results. Follow these tips and you will see a better ROI than just giving thousands of people calendars for their refrigerator.