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BLOGMarketing Tips For Different Social Media Platforms

When it comes to social media marketing, there are plenty of challenges in front of you. You need great content, a good strategy and a reasonable budget. Social media is one of the top platforms to market on because users give more attention to it, than they do to television, magazines or even people talking directly to them. Despite the higher retention rate and having more than four hours of use by the average person, social media isn’t without its limits.

Before you begin marketing and especially boosting, you need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each platform, its users and how to best utilize it. Let’s start with the biggest four:

  • Facebook: Let’s make our first social media site the top one in the world. This is the best site to market your business on because you have plenty of options including generating traffic, engagement, impressions or potential reaction like sales, signups and calls. It’s important to have a good mix of video, blog and static image content, especially when it comes to ads. Targeting is also great, and this platform is best for targeting people between the ages of 30-55.
  • LinkedIn: This platform offers more bark than bite. Yes, it’s great for B2B marketing but you have to be realistic about what can happen with it. You cannot target just CEO’s and think they will buy your product or service. You need to use this platform the right way, offering content and information to get people to engage your brand. Don’t try to sell, try to educate and connect.
  • Instagram: This is a great platform for branding as it focuses more in images and videos. However, do not expect a lot of sales here. The best way to use this platform, especially for targeting a younger audience, is to have a contest where people can sign up for a chance to win something. This allows you to capture their email addresses and send out promotions to them, hopefully generating sales in the future.
  • Twitter: Unless you are marketing something that isn’t allowed on the other platforms like cryptocurrency, CBD or something else, then this platform is best used for posting and sharing information, not boosting.

These tips will show you how to utilize these different platforms but remember that you have to understand your audience and where they are. Are they on Facebook and will they buy from there? If not, then you need to know a better way to reach them and set realistic expectations for your next campaign.