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BLOGMarketing Tips For Attorneys

The cost of marketing for an attorney is expensive. Part of the reason is because of the conversion rate that certain platforms can provide. Another reason is because of the amount of money one case can generate for a lawyer. If you are working on your own or managing a smaller firm, the competition can be brutal and finding ways to generate new clients is tough. You cannot outbid the big firms on pay per click and display advertising doesn’t seem like a good platform to generate leads. Or is it? The problem is that you really don’t know and trying to figure this all on your own can be a mistake.

You need to speak with a digital marketing expert about ways you can market your legal services to the public and generate new interest. Some strategies might be more effective than others, but the goal is to get your name out there and be found by people who need your services. Here are some cost-effective attorney marketing tips to try out:

  • Get on Google: The largest search engine in the world offers several platforms and way for you to market to people, including for free. People who want to speak with local lawyers will check their maps first. Listing your office in the maps section is completely free and you can provide detailed information about your firm.
  • SEO is always a big help: In order to expand your presence, try adding SEO to your marketing strategy. It’s very affordable but it also gives you a great way of reaching people who are looking for your services. Yes, the top firms will dominate page one of the main keywords, but you can always find good clients on page two because people find the top page firms to be too expensive. You can also focus on long-tail keywords where people type in something more specific and they find you.
  • Don’t shy away from Google AdWords: The same tips to use longer key terms and being on page two will work with Google AdWords. The cost to be on the top page can exceed $700 a click, something you cannot afford right now. However, if you find that your competitors are using the bulk of their budget between 9-5 and during the work week, you can try to grab the top spots on nights and weekends.
  • Start offering free information: Write a blog. People love free tips and it allows you to connect with them and build trust. It also helps you to get ranked on Google and someone may find your information when you share your blog on LinkedIn or Facebook.

If you want to competitively market your legal services, then you need to start with these four options. They are affordable and will generate short and long-term success. Make sure you remember to follow up with anyone who is interested in your services because they may be browsing right now but showing that you are serious about representing them may be what wins them over as your competition is too busy to give them that attention and service.