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BLOGMarketing Tip #3: Remember The Rule Of Frequency

In marketing, an agency’s biggest headache is from clients who do not respect the rule of frequency. This isn’t something you have to go to college to understand. It’s actually one of the simplest things in marketing and advertising and is taught to everyone. Let’s begin with the understanding of the concept. Think about the last car insurance commercial you saw. You probably thought of that one, not because it’s the last one you saw, but because you’ve seen it a hundred times already. You even tune it out now every time you see it, or so you thought. You can’t tune it out because you remember it and every time you see the logo and the actors you remember the entire commercial, even though you walk away from the television or look at your phone.

Frequency is about hitting an audience, the same audience, with these ads. It’s been proven that consumers will not buy from a company via advertising (meaning buying when they do not want or need the product or service) unless they’ve seen ads from the brand dozens of times. This is different than getting people to buy when they actually do need something like a dentist or plumber.

Branding is a key element of getting yourself into the discussion when the decision-making process has started. If you run a car insurance commercial thousands of times, whenever that consumer decides to go and look for a new car insurance, they are going to call you, even if it takes months.

Why Do Businesses Ignore This Rule?

Businesses ignore this rule for multiple reasons, but it mostly comes down to instant gratification. They run a single campaign expecting results and from there, they want to take that money and reinvest it. If the campaign doesn’t generate immediate results, they see it as a failure. That’s the biggest mistake they can make, and it only wastes time and money.

Does It Matter How You Reach The Audience?

Yes and no. You want to hit your audience as often as possible and wherever you can. Some platforms are more affordable than others or offer better targeting. However, a big approach utilizing email, social media, display ads and maybe even direct mail is great because it allows you to hit the target audience on different platforms and devices, improving your chances of retention.

What Services Work Best For It?  

Again, there are several services that work best for branding and frequency. However, it depends mostly on your budget and how often you want to hit the audience. For example, if you want to spend $10,000 on a campaign, the smart way to do it is to divide the budget between email (2-4 sends), social media, display and retargeting.

The more times you can hit an audience, the better. If your budget is limited, do not try to maximize the number of people you reach. Instead, focus on hitting a targeted group 10-20 times rather than a bigger group 2-5 times. That’s going to give you the best chance to see a return on your investment and build loyalty and retention in your brand.