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BLOGMarketing Tip #1: Get On Google Anyway You Can

While most of our blogs focus on marketing tips, we feel that sometimes business owners and entrepreneurs are too focused on their day to day tasks to see the obvious signs and signals of what is hurting their marketing efforts. It’s understandable, wearing so many hats can do that. However, if you are trying to find a way to improve your business you need to start at the basics, especially when it comes to digital marketing.

Tip #1, if you are not on Google, you’re doing something wrong!

As an experienced marketing agency, we’ve heard it over and over again. SEO takes too long, PPC is too expensive so you’d rather hit people with social media ads over and over again. Then you do not see results from there and you are not happy. If you steer the ship into an iceberg is it the fault of the crew? No, it’s on you as a captain and the problem you have is that you are not seeing the good advice hit you right in the face.

Let’s take a step back. Why is being on Google so important? First, it offers the HIGHEST conversion rates of any other digital marketing field. Second, and more importantly, it impacts your other marketing strategies in a way that you cannot imagine.

Let’s go back to the idea of the social media campaign you just ran that received very few sales. You did great work on the targeting, creative pieces, landing page and you even had a generous budget. What went wrong? One simple thing, no Google presence. While you correctly identified that your consumers are on Facebook and that they would response to your ad, you failed to miss an important step in the customer journey. Because these were people who have never heard of you and have never bought anything from you, they wanted more information about you.

When they headed to Google to research you, they found what? Nothing, or worse, negative content. Reviews from unhappy customers, maybe an employee you had to let go of or something to that effective. It’s not crazy to think that your competitors may have gone on there to write some things as well just to take away a few sales from you.

You ignored the site that consumers trust the most, not to buy something from, but to get information that will influence their decisions. If you want to see your conversion rates come up and improve, you need to fix your biggest oversight.