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BLOGHow Attorneys Should Market Themselves In 2020 and Beyond

Marketing is different for every industry and profession. Health insurance needs to market itself differently than car insurance does. Why? Because of two things, what it provides the consumer and the type of consumer who needs it. There is no such thing as a one size fits all marketing plan and there will be over 1 billion dollars wasted this year in marketing by companies who do not understand their audience and how to reach them. A big portion of that budget will be in the legal field.

Common Marketing Mistakes Attorney’s Make

Let’s begin with the mistakes usually made in advertising in the legal field. Social media is a great start. The conversion rates for social media ads for lawyers is so low that it’s too difficult to calculate. No one is going to hire a lawyer based on what they see on Facebook. However, if you are strictly using it as a branding tool to get your name out there, then that makes sense but do not expect conversions.

Another area you need to scale back is with Google AdWords. Yes, this can generate immediate traffic for your business and potential conversions, but you should not fight for the top page listings with large firms. The bottom of page one or the top of page two are fine because those clicks will be from people who found your competitors to be too expensive or they did not give them a quality response.

What You Should Do

Now we get the things you should do. Let’s start with SEO. You’ve probably already heard of it and you also know it takes a while to work. Yes, that’s true but a good team can get you ranked fast on long-tail keywords. Why is this important? Personal injury attorney in Orlando may be too competitive a keyword to get ranked on quickly. However, affordable personal injury lawyer in Orlando isn’t and anyone who types that in and finds you is probably going to give you a call.

Gmail ads are also great because they are based on search results meaning anyone who is looking for a lawyer can get an ad from you in their Gmail account and it costs a fraction of the price that AdWords does.

The right marketing team will help you to find a cost-effective solution for your firm and put you on a program that will produce results for years.