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BLOG5 Small Business Marketing Tips For Startups in 2020

Trying to get your business started and you feel that 2020 is finally the right year for you? That’s great but there are a lot of mistakes you could end up making, especially in marketing, that can cost you thousands of dollars. These tips will apply to a lot of types of companies but remember, the way one company markets is not necessarily the way you should market.

Don’t build a website: Yes, you do need a website, but one mistake startups make is that they invest so much of their time and money into getting a big one built. Why? Why do you need a site with hundreds of pages and functions if you are just trying to get someone to sign up for your landscaping business? Oh, you sell products online? Shopify is perfect for you because it requires a small fee to get started, allows you to upload products and then you pay a fee whenever you sell them.

Get on social media: Social media sites including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are free. Why not be on there? Even if you do not generate business from them you can connect with followers and show people in your area or who have an interest in your industry that you exist.

Get on Google: When people want you for something and they do not know who you are, they will head to Google. That’s why you need to get your company on there as soon as possible so that you can be found by anyone searching for you.

Give people a reason to try your services and products: Are you a new restaurant? Are you selling a service that people need? Then give them a reason to try you over the competition. Whether it’s 50% off their first purchase or something for free, you need to not only introduce your brand to them but give them motivation to give you a try.

Grab contact info whenever you have a chance to: If someone contacts you, especially via the web, then you need to do everything you can to grab their contact info, even if it’s just an email. The more info you have, the more chances you have of reaching them and making a connection.

As you look for ways to build up your company keep in mind that marketing is very valuable, but it does not require you to spend tens of thousands of dollars in the first month. If you start with these tips you will be well on your way and then, once you’ve developed a better customer base, you can invest in more aggressive channels of marketing.