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BLOGLongtail Keywords, Are They Now Your Friend?

For years, SEO and Google AdWords experts have told you to stay away from longtail keywords, especially when it comes to your main areas of focus for these two services. However, times are changing in the world of digital marketing and more and more businesses are looking for affordable and reliable ways of bringing in traffic. Along with that, people are becoming more and more aware of how to get improved results from search engines. If the original keyword was pizza near me, now people are searching for gluten-free pizza near me. Obviously, this has caused a drastic change in how these businesses market themselves and position themselves on Google.

Whether it’s SEO or Google AdWords, you have to add a more extensive list than ever before, and you also have to make sure that you are prepared to be versatile with your marketing strategy. The good news is that longtail keywords can also be your friend when it comes to marketing. They are more affordable to target and generate higher conversion rates than generic keywords. How? Imagine someone going to Google to look for information on how to install a bathroom sink or find a plumber who can do so. Those people will be browsing the web and asking for different quotes. However, if you need an emergency plumber in your area, the first company that answers the phone is going to probably get hired by the consumer.

This is how marketing has evolved over the last decade and businesses are having success being on the bottom of page one or top of page two. A couple of industries where this is especially true are with roofers and attorneys. As people look for assistance from these professions, they will tend to go through the top page or two in order to get different options and pricing before they make a decision. They also will look for specific services, especially when it comes to legal assistance. Think of divorce attorney in Orlando, Florida rather than just attorney near me.

With that being said, it’s important that you work with your marketing team to find the best longtail keywords to target, even if it’s only with SEO. It should be cost-effective to target these terms and you will see fast rankings so that you can start generating traffic and hopefully leads from them. That’s a smart way to build your strategy and improve your efforts.