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BLOGIs LinkedIn The Best Site For Retail Advertising?

If you own a retail business and your goal is to push consumers to your site, you have plenty of competition. Finding places to market is easy. However, finding places to stand out is difficult. Most retail stores now market and sell products on Instagram, Facebook, Amazon and eBay. These sites will produce traffic and potential sales for you but there’s a lot of competition, especially during the holidays. You need to try something else, something that will help you to stand out from the competition.

Have you considered LinkedIn?

Retail stores tend to stay away from this social media site because you cannot directly sell products on it and it’s usually dominated by companies offering B2B services and products and companies looking to hire people. Why would you market your shoes or clothing line on there when people aren’t there to buy things like this? There are actually a few reasons:

1. Stand out: Since retail stores are not advertising on LinkedIn you will have a virtual guarantee that your ads are going to be noticed more than the typical ones shown on this platform.
2. Audience attention: With your ads standing out more, you have a much higher chance of your ads being seen by the audience and being more memorable. In fact, when people are on Facebook and Instagram, they tend to browse. However, on this site, people are more focused because they are looking for connections and information.
3. Target based on jobs: Rather than targeting based on gender or age, you can reach people based on their actual occupation. This is huge considering Facebook does not have as much data on this and Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat have none.
4. Target based on income: While not everyone tells social media how much they make, some do and you can target your audience based on that, especially if people are putting the information there because they want other companies to know what they will need to make.

As you try to find new and unique ways of not only reaching consumers but to also market your brand, there are a few things you can do that will help you stand out. Advertising your retail business on a site like LinkedIn is a great start and it will allow you to reach people in a completely new way and potentially build a following of your brand that other social media sites wouldn’t be able to help you with.