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BLOGKissimmee SEO Services Facts

What’s the difference between Kissimmee SEO services and PPC? You’ve heard a lot of people talking about the two and how one works better than the other for them, but you really want to know which one, if not both, you should invest your time into. It really comes down to understanding your business, your competition, your budget and your customers. If your budget is under $1,000 a month, your competitors are spending tens of thousands of dollars on PPC services each month and you are relatively new in the industry, then SEO is the way you need to go. Why is that? Because you are not going to get any quality traffic or leads from paid ads because of the competition and you need to establish an organic presence first.

If you have the budget to spend then you may want to divide them up between the two services so that you build yourself up organically and at the same time, you’re able to generate immediate traffic and leads from paid ads. It’s a great option if you are in a field where both will work, and you can see benefits from Kissimmee SEO services as well as PPC. But what about a case where SEO will not be that great of a benefit? The only time this comes up is if the competition for page one is too much to crack, especially in under a year and most of the top keywords are competitive as well. If that’s the case, then the smart thing to do is to do a search engine optimization campaign for one to three months where you can build your online presence for your brand name.

Then, once you’ve done that, you can start to utilize Kissimmee PPC services to focus on driving in affordable traffic. As long as you are not focused on an emergency service like plumbing repair, chances are you will be able to utilize Google’s other platforms to reach the audience. For example, if you’re focus is on people looking for Medicare insurance during open enrollment, you are not going to get to page one organically or paid unless you have a serious budget, even in Kissimmee. So, what are your options? How about sending ads to people who have looked for information about Medicare but showing it to them on YouTube, other sites and apps or even in their Gmail accounts? You can do it all through Google and it gives you quality traffic at a fraction of the price. In offering SEO and PPC services as well as plenty of others, our goal is to identify the best options that will help you to build a strong digital marketing plan. We want every client, whether they are with us for three months or three years, to have benefited from their experience with us with an established web presence, regular traffic to the site, a larger email database and more social media followers. If you can accomplish that in a short period of time, then you’ve done something right and that’s what we want to do for your business.