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BLOGIs It Time To Get Away From Google AdWords?

Are you tired of the cost, the budgeting, the strategy, the disappointment, the loss of a lead, the loss of position and having to constantly play the AdWords game over and over again? The problem many businesses face is that they struggle to utilize PPC to gain a foothold on the largest search engine in the world and introduce their brand to new consumers on the web. Originally, PPC was designed to offer businesses a chance to skip the waiting game of SEO and generate immediate traffic. However, over the last five or so years, smaller companies have lost real estate to bigger competition and directories.

These sites dominate the top page and make it nearly impossible for smaller companies to gain any traction from search engines. Top key terms are dominated by these companies and smaller businesses have to find creative ways to utilize their budget to reach to be found by an audience. It’s a major headache because you literally know what has to be done but you also know the chances of it succeeding are minimal.

Finally, An Alternative Solution

Search ‘N Deploy is a new and exciting service offered by Transparent Marketing Solutions where our Google experts will utilize contextual ads to market your brand to consumers who are actively searching for and researching information on the web. For example, if someone is looking for a personal injury attorney in Orlando, they will probably head to Google to find someone. The top page clicks can vary between $50 to $500 just for a single click. That’s too much for your budget and the closing rate is too small as well. On the other hand, Search ‘N Deploy allows you to send dynamic ads to those users on other websites, within a short period of time of their search.

This gives you the chance to hit that person dozens of times with ads introducing them to your services and also making sure that you are getting traffic directly from the competition. Even better, the cost of running these ads is a fraction of the price that it would be for AdWords and you get more traffic. But what about the conversions? That’s the main question and it does vary by industry. It really comes down to what your cost per acquisition is via AdWords. If it’s extremely high, then your chances of getting better results with this service are also high.

The good news is that you do not have to decide between one or the other. You can run a test campaign for 20% of your AdWords budget to compare results. Also, if you want to run both campaigns moving forward, Search ‘N Deploy will actually enhance your PPC efforts and drive in more traffic to your site.