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BLOGDoes marketing on Instagram really help me?

You have a product or service that is perfect for people between the ages of 18-35 which is exactly the type of audience you will find on Instagram.  So, is that where you should market? Yes, but with an understanding of what to expect.  There are examples where Instagram can and has generated sales for businesses and it can drive traffic to your site.

There are plenty of other examples where companies have invested thousands of dollars into the social networking site and saw zero return on investment. It could be that their targeting was off, or they did not have quality ads.

It could also be that they had unrealistic expectations. People do not use Instagram to buy things, they barely use it to read. The younger audience uses this social media platform to message and share videos and images with friends as well as to see what others are posting. Instagram has replaced Twitter as the top site for celebrities to engage fans.

So, does this mean you shouldn’t be on IG? Of course not, it means you need to be very smart about how you use your content. You cannot share the same things you would on other social media sites and expect different results. You also need to have a strategy. Contests are a great example because they allow you to get your brand out there and also give yourself a chance to capture email addresses and grab more followers.

You have to respect the power of branding and make sure that you utilize it if you want to get sales. This site allows you to do that with a very specific audience. As you look for ways to generate more sales and traffic remember that these social media sites give you a unique opportunity to build followers which means build long-lasting relationships with consumers.