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BLOGHow to track conversions

Are you deploying multiple marketing campaigns in an effort to generate traffic and sales? Hopefully, it’s working well for you but even if it is you may be running into an issue which is identifying what is working best. For example, if you are running ads though Google, Facebook, email and display, how do you know which ones are actually getting you results?

This is frustrating if you’re a business owner or manager because you want to focus on the marketing efforts that are producing rather than the ones that are not. When you get the analytics for all these campaigns you see the traffic, they generate but that’s not enough information because it doesn’t show where an actual sale came from. That’s the information you really need and there are some things you can do to track your efforts better.

Install Pixels

Pixels are great because they allow you to not only track the traffic better but what the person actually does on your site. For example, if you have a pixel installed for your Facebook campaign and someone clicks on your ads but leaves your site after a few seconds, you know that’s exactly what they did rather than wondering if they took an action.

Run Test Campaigns To Different Web Pages

If you are considering running a new campaign and want to see how it works, do not drive all the traffic to your homepage. Give the campaign a designated landing page and perhaps even a phone number. Then, run the campaign for 30 days and see what kind of results you get.

Don’t Look Too Far Into The Stats

Think of the customer journey or your click funnel as well how the user experiences getting information and making a sale. For example, if you sell charter flights to the Bahamas, there’s a chance people are not going to buy from you immediately. Your initial campaigns of email, Google ads and more may only show traffic while Facebook and Retargeting are showing conversions. Does this mean you should drop the other two? No, remember that email and Google ads were the beginning of the journey. They initially got people to your site and from there your other efforts kicked in. That’s why you need to be aware of this customer journey and how it works. If you get rid of the top of the funnel you eliminate the entire process.

The most successful companies when it comes to digital marketing understand that you need to utilize 4-8 services to see results. If you are not running that many then that may be the reason your numbers are lacking. Don’t focus too much on where the conversions come from, especially if you’re getting them.