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BLOGBoosting Your Marketing Efforts Before Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Businesses view the weekend of Thanksgiving as a chance to end the year strong and build on the next. Black Friday and Cyber Monday give companies a unique opportunity to do more than they can in the rest of the year. If you think sales is the only goal, you are mistaken. This is an opportunity to build a relationship with consumers, capturing their emails and giving them motivation and incentive to shop with you for the coming years. You cannot deny the advantages that this gives you over just making a sale or two.

With so much importance and value put on this big weekend, you need to make sure that you are marketing the right way. You have some theories on what will work best but it’s important to narrow that down and set your goals well before you reach November. So, your goals are to get people to sign up and buy from you. How do you accomplish this?  Each company is a little different, but these tips are always smart to follow:

  • Identify who to send ads to: Figuring out who your target audience is will be extremely important. You cannot ignore this because it will cost you thousands of dollars in your efforts and cause you to miss out on a real opportunity. Who are your usual customers, where can you find them and how often can you reach them?
  • Inform them of promotions weeks in advance: Don’t wait until Black Friday weekend to send emails and ads. If you want to make an impact, you need to advertise to your target audience weeks before the big weekend. Let people know what’s coming up so they can look at the products you are offering and make their decision early.
  • Don’t ask them to wait in line: People do not like to wait. If you have a physical store you need to try and minimize wait time. If you do not, or you mainly want sales online, give people a chance to shop early and let them know that they can get the deals before Thanksgiving. Why? Because it gives the consumer a chance to buy what they want from you first instead of comparing you to the competition.
  • Remember they are busy: Don’t send one email on Thanksgiving. Remember, these consumers are doing things like shopping, eating, sleeping and relaxing. Send multiple emails, reminding them of the great deals you are offering them.

If you follow these rules over Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend you have a great chance of beating the competition and connecting with a bigger audience.