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BLOGHow To Marketing Cryptocurrencies

The fad that was cryptocurrency has come and gone. Bitcoin no longer dominates the news threads and people only look at investing in the short-term, not long-term. The currencies will go through a constant wave of up and down, causing people to adjust their way of thinking when it comes to investing. As far as actually using the cryptocurrencies, even fewer people understand how they work. So, if you are introducing a new crypto or you are trying to rebrand your existing one, you are obviously at a disadvantage.

I Don’t Want To Hear It!

People are tired of hearing about cryptocurrency. They do not want to talk about it, they do not want to be lectured about it. The reason is that they were swarmed with so much information, and either made money or lost it. They became exhausted with the information being thrown at them and they do not want to hear anything else.

So, How Do You Move Forward?

Whether you want to market a new crypto or you want to rebrand your existing one, the key things to focus on is to establish a strong presence online and introduce yourself to people actively researching for these coins.

  • SEO: Let’s start with the obvious. You cannot build a crypto brand without SEO. The reason is because it doesn’t matter what information you send out, the people who receive it are going to head to Google to research it. They want to know that they are in good hands and that you are going to be a reliable option that will be around for years.
  • Twitter: While it’s not a bad idea to be on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, you do not want to ignore Twitter. In most cases, this platform will be the best to connect with people actively researching new cryptos because they want to get new information and Twitter has fewer restrictions for this arena than other social media sites.
  • Search ‘N Deploy: This is a new service offered by Transparent Marketing Solutions where you can actively display ads to anyone on the web who is actively searching for information on cryptocurrency. Imagine someone goes to Google and types in a competitors crypto or goes onto a site for the latest news. Within a day, you can now display ads to that person on websites they are visiting, giving them incentive to visit your site or landing page and collect more information.

If you are trying to market or rebrand your cryptocurrency, then you need to make sure that you are doing it the right way. Give people who are researching this field an easier time to find quality information about you while also introducing yourself to others.