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BLOGHow To Market For Black Friday and Other Holidays

Black Friday is now its own holiday. People literally would prefer to have that day off rather than Thanksgiving if they had to choose between the two. Why? Because it’s an opportunity to get amazing deals on things they’ve wanted throughout the year.  For a business, this is a great opportunity to generate a large amount of sales over a few days. From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, some businesses do more in sales than they do in an entire month. In fact, some retail companies see more revenue on holiday weekends than they do on the rest of the year combined. That’s how important these holiday weekends are to businesses and they need to make sure they make the most of it.

So, how can your business successfully market and increase sales when it comes to Black Friday and other holidays? First, let’s understand something about these holiday weekends and sales. Consumers do not want to shop on Tuesdays. They want to go to work, take care of errands and get home and go to bed. Shopping is supposed to be fun and savings makes it even better. So, having the best promotion on a Tuesday doesn’t mean anything. However, you can still use that day to market to them and make them aware of a big sale you are having this upcoming weekend. Here’s how you should market to consumers for Black Friday and other holidays breaking down each week of the month:

Week 1

Use this week to introduce your brand to consumers. Especially if you are an online store, you do not want to try and hit them with a promotion the week of the holiday because by then they’ve already committed their mind to buying from one of your competitors. Using this week to introduce or reintroduce your brand is smart because it gives them a reason to research you and it builds trust.

Week 2

This is the week that you start focusing on teasing the sale that’s coming up. Give them a couple of big items and give them time to research it. For example, if your big-ticket item for the weekend will be a television that’s on sale, you want the consumer to have time to research the quality of the television and what other companies are selling it at. If you have the best deal, they will be ready to shop with you.

Week 3

This is where you hit the audience with the promotions over and over again. Don’t worry about being annoying, frequency is the key here. Your competitors will be running ads throughout the week and you are literally battling for the consumers’ attention. Send an email, run social media ads or do anything else the week of, the day before and the day of.

If you plan this out the right way and you’ve also designed great content, you should benefit from starting sooner than the competition. Don’t wait until the week of. Yes, you may save money on marketing, but it will cost you more as consumers will go elsewhere for their purchases.