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BLOGHow To Improve Your Online Reviews On Various Sites

Reviews can make or break a marketing campaign. You spend weeks coming up with the perfect strategy, identifying the target audience, creating the best looking content, making sure your landing page matches the design and is easy to navigate and you put aside thousands of dollars for the ad budget. Everything runs at the same time and you see thousands of clicks to your site. Even better, the people who are coming to your site are spending real time on it meaning they are interested in what you are offering and would like to learn more. However, a problem does come up after this and it has to do with sales, you aren’t seeing any. How can this be with such high click thru rates and quality work being done?

Are you charging to much for your service or products? Are you not giving people a reason to sign up or offering them a great deal? Are you driving less than desirable traffic to your site? No, the problem is that these consumers do not know much about you and even though they are interested in your promotion, they still want to learn more about you before they give you their money. They then head to sites that offer information like reviews and what they find there isn’t that great. These negative comments, which every business has, are killing your marketing efforts and keeping you from generating sales. This needs to be fixed and there are some things you can do about it.

Press Releases

This wouldn’t be the first place you would think to go for reviews, but a press release can help you a lot. It pushes positive content out there about your business so that whenever people research it, they find that information rather than just negative content.

Employee Reviews

 There are sites that only allow employees, past and present to write reviews. The reason this is important is because it will come up on the top page of Google when you search your company by name. For sites like this, make sure that your employees are writing reviews about the company and how great it is to work there.

Follow-up Emails

Whenever someone makes a purchase with your company, feel free to email them and ask for them to leave a review on specific sites. Obviously, you do not want to be known as the company that incentivizes them to do so but simply asking will generate some response.

Showing The Sites You’re Listed On For Reviews

People do not naturally think to review a business they just shopped from so make sure it’s easy for these consumers to find the links to the sites you would like them to leave comments on.

If you are not between a 4.2 to a 4.8 with a minimum of 50 reviews, then you have some work to do. Even a 5.0 rating with fewer than 20 comments doesn’t look good so focus on getting those numbers up so that you can hopefully see an improvement in your marketing efforts.