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BLOGHow To Help Your In-House Marketing Team

You’ve hired an in-house team to handle your digital marketing. It’s a good idea because you can look over what’s being done, make sure you get the hours of work you are paying for and know exactly what you can improve on because you aren’t waiting for monthly reports. Most companies have someone in-house to manage their marketing or at least, a part of it. However, there are a few problems that come up whenever one or two people try to do the job of an entire team.

  • Overworked: You cannot ask anyone, no matter who they are, to manage your social media, write SEO copy, build links, handle AdWords and work on your website at the same time. Even if someone has those abilities, chances are they will burn out before the end of the month.
  • Limited knowledge: Even if someone is willing to put in that kind of work, the chances of them being able to handle all those tasks and deliver high-quality work is slim to none. Think about what you’re asking of someone. Most companies have someone to handle each of those tasks alone. The idea that one or even two people can handle all of it isn’t realistic, especially if you want the very best efforts.
  • Inability to use the latest tools: One of the problems with putting too much on your in-house team is that you are going to limit their ability to grow and learn. Think about the fact that they will not be able to learn about new services or trends in the market because they are so focused on what needs to be done. They also will not have a chance to see what the competition is doing and help your brand grow.

Does this mean you shouldn’t have an in-house team? No, but it does mean that you need to give them more than just a paycheck every week and expect results. You have to give them assistance and guidance and that comes from a consultation with an experienced digital marketing team.

Imagine coaching high school football and having a chance to have a college coach come in, watch your team practice for a week and then give you instructions on how to get better. Would that be something that would benefit you? Our expert team has years of experience and knows what’s needed to improve every digital marketing service your team is utilizing. If your goal is to see better results, give your team what they need, give them that expert push that will take your marketing to the next step.