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BLOGHow Should Contractors Market Themselves

Contractors have to find cost-effective ways to bring in new contracts. It’d be nice to know that your work speaks for yourself but unfortunately anyone with a hammer can now grab business online from you. Even worse, these directories grab as much of the business as possible from search engines and make you pay them just to be in consideration for new work. How do you establish a strong brand presence for your construction company, bring in new leads, separate yourself from the competition and also make sure that you do not have to drop your prices just to get someone’s business?

The answer is establishing yourself as the best contractor in your area. Consumers have no problem paying for quality, in fact they prefer it. That’s why people brag on social media about paying $20 for a cheeseburger instead of getting a fast food one. They want to show they are getting the very best and the same goes with hiring a contractor.

In order to successfully market your construction company, you should consider doing the following:

  • DIY Videos: Why can’t you have someone film you building something simple in a garage or on a job site? Show people how to fix something simple that doesn’t need your assistance. These videos will be very popular, and people will build trust in your brand. You may also have your company appear a lot in searches for things and someone who needs work beyond their DIY capabilities will consider hiring you because they are familiar with you.
  • Social Media: If you are making those DIY videos then why not share them on your site. You can also run some ads offering a promotion on renovation projects or building a new deck or something like that. This will help get your name out there and give people a reason to contact you.
  • Email Marketing: A great way to show a promotion and not break the bank is to send emails to homeowners in your area. You can tell them how installing new windows can help them cut down their energy costs and that you are currently running a promotion with a window company so they can get a great deal.
  • Get on Google: Whether someone has heard of you, or they have to find a construction company, chances are they are going to Google. If they’ve heard of you and they do not find any information or any good information about you, they will not give you their business. If they haven’t heard of you, then this is a great way to be found.

Construction companies do not have to break the bank in order to get new business in. You simply have to showcase your skills as a contractor and give people a reason to trust you and hire you.