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BLOGHow Insurance Companies Should Market With Facebook

Facebook offers a unique option when it comes to marketing. The worlds largest social media platform allows you to display content to consumers and you know that they dedicate more time throughout the day and also more attention to their social media than they do nearly any other platform you can market to them on. Insurance companies, whether it’s health, home, auto, life or something else are trying to figure out how to utilize this platform to generate sales. Most of them are still struggling.

Why is that? Because Facebook and other social media sites aren’t exactly designed to generate sales. They are better for branding, especially in the insurance field. However, there are still ways to use these sites to hit the right audience and see conversions go up. It’s all about having a good strategy and strong content.

Branding: You should never expect to generate sales from Facebook. However, as a branding tool it’s more powerful than television, radio, print and billboards. Why? Targeting and tracking. You know who is seeing your ads and what it generated. It’s also more affordable.

Clicks: If you want to generate clicks then the best way to do so is by sharing useful content. For example, blogs are great because you can promote the content you’ve created on your site and whenever someone on social media clicks on it, they have to go to your site to read it. Having a title like 10 ways to save on your car insurance will definitely generate some traffic but you have to make sure that you boost it and also have retargeting on your site.

Signups: Having a giveaway is another great option because it allows you to capture the information of the people who want to enter for a chance to win a prize. Run something like free movie tickets or something like that and then boost it on social media. Then, once you’ve captured someone’s email, you can begin to send them newsletters and other content.

Conversions: Yes, you can still generate conversions from social media but you have to be realistic. Health insurance should try and run the ads during open enrollment or target people who represent the best chance of signing up. Yes, your numbers may not be as great as with Google but it’s much more affordable to market these types of services here.

Marketing for insurance services is never easy and most platforms will charge you plenty. Facebook will help you keep those costs down but you need to understand how the platform works and how it can generate real results for you.