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BLOGHow Do I Know Where To Put My Marketing Dollars?

Every year, business owners make mistakes when it comes to marketing. They ignore good advice, or they put thousands of dollars in the wrong areas and services. Sometimes, this is done because of poor advisement or setting unrealistic expectations. Regardless of the reason it failed, you have to take a look at several things before spending a dime. This is where speaking with a marketing expert can be a big help but let’s begin with these simple but important areas to focus on:

  • Your business is different: You have an insurance company located on the north side of the street. One of your competitors is located on the south side. They offer the exact same services that you do, they have the same exact budget that you do, and they have the same number of employees that you do. Your businesses are identical when it comes to marketing, right? No, because they have established themselves on social media and Google organically while you have focused on direct leads via paid ads. They have a following and you do not. Consumers have trust in their brand while they have barely heard of you. You cannot focus on what the other guys are doing and base your strategy on it.
  • Your consumer is different: Consumers look for information of a service or product differently, just as they look to purchase something. You cannot treat all consumers the same which is why you have to market yourself on multiple sites. Google is a great place to start but you cannot ignore social media, blog sites, directories and more. You have to cast a wide net in order to be found.
  • Every site is different: While you are casting a wide net, you have to realize that each site offers different advantages. Using the example of an insurance company again, you cannot expect to generate sales from Instagram and LinkedIn. However, using these platforms allows you to introduce your brand to the consumers and keep them informed on content like blogs about getting better rates and so forth. It creates a connection with the consumer that helps you once they are ready to start shopping.
  • Content, budget, frequency, repeat: A great strategy is important, but you cannot be one and done. No one, including you, have ever seen a single email or ad and purchased something unless it’s from a trusted business or platform. You have to continuously reach consumers, over and over again. The best way to do that is to create strong ads and reach them on multiple platforms including banner ads on sites and apps they use, social media ads and emails. On average, companies need to hit a consumer 10-50 times before they can expect a response.

So, What Do You Do?

During your consultation, our job is to evaluate your business, your current and past marketing efforts, your online presence, the competition, your budget and more. By identifying these things, we can develop a strong marketing strategy that will benefit you in the short and long-term. We will identify where and how to utilize your budget to maximize your return on investment and build a web presence that will benefit your company for years.