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BLOGHow Contractors Should Market Themselves

Construction is an interesting field when it comes to marketing. As a marketing agency we have to admit, the chances of getting a major project from Google or marketing online are low. Most people will hire based on recommendation rather than what they find online. So, why bother wasting money on marketing, especially online if it’s not going to produce results? Actually, it will produce results, but you need to have realistic expectations. For example, let’s start with someone who has heard of you but has never done business with you in the past. Chances are this person will head to Google to research you before giving you a call because they want to see what others have had to say about you.

Yes, they see the work you’ve done, and they’ve heard good things. However, if they see poor reviews and information that’s not great, there’s a good chance they will not want to work with you. This is why you cannot completely ignore building an online presence, especially when it comes to construction. These sites influence the decision makers who would rather pay more money to a company that is going to get the work done quickly and correctly than roll the dice with a company that may not.

How To Market Your Construction Company Online

Whenever you are trying to market yourself online remember one simple fact, you need to go where people have a need for you. If someone has a need for a contractor and they have to go online to find one, they are probably starting with Google. Since that’s the case then you need to build yourself up on that site as well as others that rank highly. Directories are also important, and you should list your business on there, especially if your competitors have as well.

Google is a unique option because there will be plenty of people who go online to look for a contractor. However, you do not have to worry about being number one. The reason is because this is a service that people are going to be patient about when it comes to finding the right team to work with. They are going to look at several companies and ask for an estimate before they make a decision which means being found on the bottom of page one or top of page two will still generate quality leads. In fact, being found in these areas and having someone contact you often means they are more serious because they are spending real time on it rather than just browsing and calling the first company they see.

Services like SEO, Google AdWords and others can really benefit your business long-term and bring you quality leads over time. Social media, programmatic and other services are good, but they are better from a brand-building standpoint. Create a strong Google presence and you will see leads from online sources.