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BLOGHow Can You Utilize SEO To Improve Your Marketing

SEO takes too long, it’s hard to track results and you don’t know whether or not there’s even an ROI to justify the value. Heard this before? These are just some of the knocks people have said about search engine optimization over the years as business owners reject the concept and focus on other marketing channels. Here’s what you need to know about SEO, if you want to be successful with digital marketing, you will use it. If not, you are wasting thousands of dollars a year.

How can we make such a definitive statement on this? Because we have seen the results and if you want more proof than that, go research one of your top competitors and you will see a business that invests real time and money into search engine marketing. The reason you’ve avoided SEO for so long is because you do not understand it.

Fact, web designers are not good at SEO. They do not get good rankings on important keywords and any decent SEO company would charge more than $400 a month. So, if you think you’ve found a good company that’s also giving you a great deal, ask them what their qualifications are, if they can provide ranking reports of other clients and more. If they cannot offer that, then they aren’t worth your time.

Real companies that specialize in Google marketing do not charge low prices for their services because they know the work that has to go into it, and they know the value it has for their clients. In fact, there are companies in the insurance, construction, medical and legal fields who generate plenty of business and only rely on Google organic marketing. That means they do not dedicate a dime to anything else and still generate plenty of leads each month.

So, how can you utilize this digital marketing service to generate more sales? Think about what you’re doing right now to market your brand. You’re probably doing social media, email, AdWords and maybe banner ads. These are all used to generate immediate traffic and potential sales. However, you’re forgetting one very important thing, the customer journey.

Let’s say someone sees your ad on social media and they are still not sure whether or not they want to buy from you or right now isn’t a good time for them. Then, they see an email from you and they finally decide to take action. They go to your landing page or website and research the information that you have to offer including details of the products and services you offer, pricing and more. They like what they see, and they feel like you are worth a more in-depth look. That’s when they head to Google and they type in your company name. They see a little information, your site, maybe your business listings and social media profiles but they do not see any real information about you.

Do you think that the consumer is going to buy from you considering they have little to no information about you? Probably not, because at the end of the day they do not trust you and they are not going to give you their money. This is the true value of SEO beyond just being ranked on page one for keywords and getting direct traffic and sales. If you want to really learn how search engine optimization can benefit you, contact us today for a free consultation.