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BLOGHave You Overlooked Google Business Listings?

Google business listings aren’t exactly something at the top of the list for companies as they put together a marketing strategy. One of the reasons is because many businesses do not understand how it works and the advantages it brings them. For most companies, the biggest advantage comes in the maps section where they come up in local searches and can get new calls and visits from consumers searching for a service or product they offer. However, there is so much more that you can get from this service.

Establishing Your Brand

When you send an email campaign out, or run ads on social media, or even if someone just randomly sees your store, if they are interested in your business, they are going to check you out on Google. This is where your business listings have a chance to impress them with detailed information about your company, recent posts, good reviews and more.

If your company does not have this information available, it looks bad because the consumer may get the impression that you are not established and serious. Think of two restaurants. Once has a small, handmade sign and doesn’t have anyone in it. The other is lit up like a Christmas tree and has an hour way because it’s so packed. The irony is the restaurant that’s empty offers better food at better prices.


How many people actually went to Google to search for information about your company? How many of them went to your website, called you or asked for directions to your office? This information is important because it’s not going to just randomly happen. These people were led to this point either by seeing you on their maps or they received one of your ads and wanted to learn more about you.


Are your customers happy? Do they like you? Would they recommend your services and products to others? Are they so happy with their experience that they like to brag about you and write you positive reviews? This is one of the best places for them to do it. Through your listings, people have multiple ways of seeing your company and those reviews are displayed everywhere. The better your reviews, the more impress you will be, especially as you are displayed against competitors. Imagine if you are not at the top of a map or listing page, but you have a 4.8 rating while your competitors are all under a 4. That’s a more powerful advertisement than anything on the web.

Business listings on Google are utilized by many companies around the country. However, many of those companies are unaware of the benefits these listings offer. Utilizing them in the right way, keeping them updated and making sure that you are well represented on the world’s largest search engine will not only bring you new traffic and business, but it will also reinforce your other marketing campaigns.