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BLOGGoogle AdWords Or SEO?

The big debate for Google marketing is which service is going to work best for your brand, PPC or SEO? The reason this is such a challenge for business owners is because of the cost and time it takes to generate leads from these two digital marketing services. SEO is affordable, provides long-term benefits for your brand and strengthens every marketing service you utilize from social media to email marketing and more. However, it’s also a long-term game as far as results go. You cannot expect to see traffic within the first three months and it’s difficult to identify just how many sales you get from the service.

On the other hand, Google AdWords or Pay Per Click can generate immediate traffic and comes with a few options. You can utilize the platform to display your ads for search, meaning you are at the top of the page whenever someone types in a specific keyword. You can also display videos and static images, along with text ads, to a variety of sites including YouTube. This is a great feature and can help you to generate immediate traffic and hopefully sales.

So, what’s the catch with PPC? You have to have a budget. If your competitors are spending $10,000 a month, you cannot expect to bring in the same amount of sales at a fraction of the price. There are some tricks to generate sales and traffic with a smaller budget but you still have to dedicate money towards running the ads and once the budget runs out, your ads are pulled down where the SEO work remains up for years after you’ve stopped the campaign.

So, Which One Is Better?

This depends on a variety of things including your budget. You also need to consider who your competitors are, how your customers usually find you and more. For example, a restaurant doesn’t need to run a PPC campaign, but they would benefit from SEO and business listings to organically drive traffic their way. However, a realtor may need to be more aggressive and utilize PPC to generate fast traffic and get new clients in.

Why Not Both?  

Your budget dictates your decisions. However, if you have enough of a budget to utilize both services, there are short and long-term benefits to doing this. While you are waiting for the organic efforts to generate traffic and more, you can utilize PPC to generate immediate traffic to your site. Along with that, whenever someone sees your ad via AdWords, they may research your company to see what you do, how long you’ve been around and more. SEO covers this and helps to ensure that consumers find positive things about your brand as they research you online.