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Speaking with a Fort Myers SEO expert who can provide you with a solid game plan is one of the smartest things you can do as a business owner. However, this isn’t the time to by shy about certain things like what your budget is. The reason is because your monthly budget is a tool that this person can use to setup a reasonable game plan for your business moving forward. For example, if you are an insurance agent with a $10,000 a month budget, the PPC expert in Fort Myers you are working with will recommend a combination of SEO and pay per click where you can see immediate traffic. They may also roll some of that budget into social media and email marketing to get more affordable traffic from people who are not going to Google.

However, if your budget is less than $5,000 a month, then obviously that changes things. You need to find more cost-effective ways of utilizing that budget and still see traffic and hopefully phone calls each month. This information is important as the expert is trying to come up with a game plan based on a variety of things including what your monthly budget is, how you can reach your consumers, how consumers find you, what your competitors are doing and so forth. Every industry has its own strategy and it’s based on the monthly budget that the strategy is executed. Social media and email marketing are not the top options for Medicare insurance agents during the year. However, during open enrollment, those two services can become very valuable and generate leads because you are hitting the target audience at a time that they have a need.

This is where the expert can recommend a strategy that will build up your online presence and generate reliable traffic. Your brand is the most important thing and whenever someone sees your brand whenever they have a need for the service or products you offer, they are more likely to pick you over the competition, even if you are more expensive. That’s because people usually go with what they feel safer with. That’s why you see so many companies invest in television ads even though they cannot target the audience or track results. As you look for a Fort Myers SEO expert or someone who understands how to get you the best results for PPC, try to remember that an agency that offers all of these services are the best ones to work with because they will give you the best results and be able to create a custom plan based on what will not only work best for you, but be able to fit your budget. Contacting an agency or expert who only offers one or two services means they are going to try to only sell you on that and most of that time you are not going to be happy with the reasons. Search engine optimization and pay per click ads have a lot of benefits for your business in the short and long-term. Try to make sure you focus on those two areas first and then expand your reach down the road.